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If you remember the Wachoskis' cross-cutting between eras in their adaptation of David Mitchell's sprawling novel the jumping from storyline to storyline here will incredibly familiar.

A tense, rhythmic synthesizer score provides both a feeling of momentum and a sense of unity as everybody wrestles with individual crises and family conflicts, relationship woes, professional stress, and the occasional criminal activity gone awry.

The reasons for their bond — and how it affects an ancient battle between good and evil — is revealed gradually episode-by-episode; the focus, however, is on exploring the ordinary lives of these "sensates." (2015) — that have had critics and fans wondering what had happened to the visionaries who brought us bullet-time set pieces and Keanu Reeves downloading kung fu. And does Netflix have another buzz-building hit on its hands?

For Netflix, this show proves once again that it's capable of striking deals with A-list writer-directors who could have their pick of platforms. Here's what you need to know: Who are "the sensates"?

The show's eight connected characters run the gamut from Nomi, a trans blogger and "hacktivist" named Nomi (Jamie Clayton), to Will, a compassionate Chicago cop (Brian J. Other sensates include closeted gay telenovela hunk Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), superstar Icelandic DJ Riley (Tuppence Middleton), successful Korean business executive Sun (Bae Doona), Indian pharmacist Kala (Tina Desai), German safecracker Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), and Nairobi bus driver Capheus (Aml Ameen).

After the suicide of a troubled woman named Angel (Daryl Hannah) in the series' opening scene, these eight people begin to experience what they assume are hallucinations — but are actually glimpses into each other's lives.

Upon request, I collaborate with clients to integrate a Christian faith perspective into clinical treatment interventions.

However, I welcome the opportunity to work with clients from any religious background, as well as those who do not have religious beliefs.

The American Repertory Theater production of the Tennessee Williams play was directed by Tony-Award winning director John Tiffany and showed at some smaller venues earlier this year. We’ve gotten very good at blocking ourselves off emotionally, distancing ourselves from other people’s experiences and that’s not natural. The Wachowskis are trying to say as a human family, how can you sit back and watch your fellow person suffer in that way and not experience it as something that is happening to you? Let’s face it, if that happened in California, we’d have a very, very, very different reaction to it because these are people that looks like us and our us, are our brothers and sisters. You see what happened with ebola, you see what’s happening in Nepal.

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They're also visited periodically by the mysterious Jonas ( What's a typical episode like?

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