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Ticket price 850 Ruble, for regular visitors* – 750 Ruble. The organizers of the socio-cultural project “Ludi In” (Center “Integratsia” and “Dialogue in the Dark”) will again give a concert of Indian music and vocals in Sanskrit “Philosophy of Feeling” on March 5th, which won the hearts of Muscovites in the past year. The concert “The philosophy of the senses” will be held in the new age, in which the mantras in Sanskrit execution gracefully combined with atmospheric modern music.

Moscow audience greets the arrival of spring start of the new season of concerts in the dark.

Speciality 052700: State Educational Standard, approximate programmes and plans]: collection of regulations and methods aids / edited by O.

Keywords: higher library education, “Library-informational activities" branch of learning, Federal State Educational Standards of higher Professional Education, the third generation of educational standards, basic educational programme, basic and elective disciplines, Higher Library Education directions References 1. Spetsialnost 052700: Gosudarstvenny obrazovatelny standart, primemye programmy, uchebnye plany [Library-informational activities.

The article considers the periods of reforms of higher professional education of Russia during the last decades. But was it so that adaptation in the North always balanced on the edge of survival, and predominating reason for migrations and cultural change was inevitably the search for new hunting grounds?Did the North ever give birth to cultures that managed to surpass the subsistence ground and create social systems comparable with the southern civilizations?are conventionally considered as the variants of adaptation to harsh natural environments or, in historic times, as islands of the past inexorably eroded by the floods of external colonization.Researchers ecological intuition suggests that culture could only faintly glimmer in the North, but never flourish, that the could at best offer its inhabitants a niche for physical survival, but never a field for the glorious achievements.

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Blind guides will help to navigate inside the dark area.

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