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Ecuador teen dating

Ecuadorian law imposes prison terms ranging from one to five years for women and girls who receive abortions.

Medical professionals who provide them are subject to harsher penalties.

” A third judge, the singer Wendy Vera, told Miss Peña: “I believe that you are 16 years old and I think that you have had a pretty good life so far, but there will come a time when you will suffer and the only thing that will help you get through is the amazing love of God." Miss Peña’s father, who watched his daughter’s audition backstage, also said he hoped the teenager would change her beliefs.

approach inspires next generations to see that they are the root solution for prevention.

The criminal code provides for only three exceptions to criminal punishment: Although actual prosecutions of women who receive abortions or doctors who perform them are rare, the criminal restrictions on abortions have very real consequences.

Notably, abortion—often performed in clandestine, unsafe conditions due to their illegality—is the leading cause of female morbidity (disease, disability, or physical harm), and a significant cause of maternal mortality, in Ecuador.

Disgruntled You Tube commenters have also expressed anger at how Miss Peña was spoken to during the programme.

One said: ”This is truly an attack that should be reported and publicly punished.

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