Extreme dating show

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Extreme dating show

Dating programmes have been around for some time, but a recent boom has led to us wondering; are we a nation addicted to love?

aired for the first time on 30 November 1985 and was hosted by the legendary Cilla Black.

They can keep all the remaining cash for themselves, they can give all the remaining cash to the 'winner' or they can split it any way they fancy.

To live in, the players have a custom fitted modern flat.

(It had been available in Thailand and some European nations for a few months prior to that.) "Extreme Dating" is a light-weight action-comedy-romance that has some truly funny moments, especially if you know and love Lee Tergesen. The engaging ensemble cast features Devon Sawa, Amanda Detmer, Andrew Keegan and Ian Virgo as four 20-something friends who work for an ad agency.

Lee gets a goodly amount of screen time even if there isn't very much to his part. One of the funniest bits comes after the unexpected arrival of the cabin owned by resort mogul Marshall Jackson (played by Meat Loaf! He stumbles upon the whole scheme, throwing the worlds stupidest criminals for a loop.

With this in mind, it seems obvious that we would take interest in TV programmes that show people in the midst of finding someone special (or not as is often the case).Originally scheduled for theatrical release in 2004, "Extreme Dating" has had a bumpy ride.In November 2003, Franchise Pictures picked up the worldwide rights to the movie.Chained, the Endemol reality game to end them all gives six people the chance to find love - and perhaps sex!- by chaining them together 24 hours a day across a number of days. Five other people are connected up in a line by arm and leg.

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Helped by the infamous voiceover Graham, the show quickly became prime time viewing across the UK.

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