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Flirting dating body language

Sometimes people are hesitant to meet you, busy, or disinterested.On other occasions they are open, eager, and interested.Millions have watched the now-famous TED talk by the social psychologist, Amy Cuddy.In her talk, she discusses how you change both your own body chemistry and how others perceive you just by changing your body language.

A study has showed that a person will take a hint that you like her after catching you glancing her way 13 times.In other words, what types of body language led others to answer “yes”.Unfortunately, as many of you may have experienced, getting a yes can be challenging.If you’re trying to pick up what they’re putting down, these non-verbal cues can speak louder than words.The Hands Things may start slowly, with a few tentative forays into body contact.

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Fran Greene, author of The Flirting Bible agrees: “Flirting is not seduction, [it’s] about practicing good social skills.” She admits, however, that even friendly flirting triggers the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in a host of body changes.

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