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We offer a diverse menu full of mouthwatering choices including a large selection of made to order appetizers.Menu items include The Big Poop, a one-pound burger grilled to perfection, Poopy’s Chicken Strips, The Home Wrecker a foot-long all beef hot dog, hand-breaded chicken, catfish, shrimp, or Alaskan Pollack and homemade soups of the day just to name a few items.

Volume 19, Number 9 Bargain By the time I get around to writing these racing blogs, the subject matter is more than old news, it is ancient history in the realm of today’s social media blitz.

The 8th grader that walked my sister to school, didn't make it.

I remember my mom saved all of the news clippings and pictures. My house was right next to the convent, which was directly across the street from OLA.

We used to look at them alot afterwards." Brother of Lois Di Pompeo.“I remember the mother of one of the other children came running into the classroom crying that the school was on fire. I have very clear memories of watching the street in front of our house as the mothers kept bringing out blankets and wrapping the children before the ambulances came to get them. My mother was at work and my Grandma kept me home for my birthday.

My uncle, Andrew Salemi, and my aunt Maria Salemi were both in the school and were able to get out without injuries.” Niece of Andrew Salemi and Maria Salemi.“I was allowed to enter kindergarten at age 4 1/2. When she heard about the fire, Grandma and Grandpa and me walked to the school and observed the horror of what was happening.

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