Updating a select drop down html with sql information updating efmp

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It also describes how to pass embedded SQL queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), calling stored procedures, pass parameters and much more.

The article is actually a part of the document that made the project report for my undergraduate degree.

This allows me to query things centrally and also to control growth separately.

In Excel we can create dynamic drop down list with the Data Validation feature and the INDIRECT function.

Tables are identified by unique names and hold data in a row and column (record) structure.

A fixed number of named columns are defined for a table with a variable number of rows.

In a perfect world, only the DBA would have sa privileges, F5 would only ever be hit on purpose, every change would go through rigorous source control procedures, and we would have full backups of all databases every minute.

Of course, in reality, we deal with much different circumstances, and we can find ourselves (or overhear someone else) saying, "Oops... " One of the more common scenarios I've seen involves someone editing a stored procedure multiple times between backups or within some kind of cycle, and then wishing they had version (current - 1) available.

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The purpose of the project was to investigate how SQL is embedded in C#.

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