Updating bind with dynamic Adult live chatrooms

Posted by / 01-Aug-2017 14:00

ISC BIND is the most popular DNS in the entire Internet.

This involved editing /etc/networks/interfaces to set the IP address of the primary ethernet interface (eth0): : I performed this step because of some odd issues I’ve had with systems suddenly switching to a dynamically allocated IP address even when I had specifically set a static one for the system.

First, you need to move all of your zone files to /var/lib/bind or another folder which you want to keep your zone files in.

It really doesn't matter they're move to, just so long as they are not in /etc/bind.

In the hopes of saving someone else time (and mine in the future should I forget in the future).

In truth getting this setup is relatively simple - you just have to know the right set of steps in order to get it done right.

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Most servers simply don't allow dynamic updates and those who do, don't allow it for all zones.