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Who is donald sutherland dating

Not only does he have three films at the fest this year – Rossif Sutherland says the clan will stay at his downtown Toronto house on the first night of the fest (he’s even giving up his master bedroom).“I’ll go see their film and hopefully they have time to go see mine,” he says in a recent phone interview.“I’m asking for more than they’re asking me, because I’ve got three.I don’t know if they’ll come see all three but we’re very supportive of one another. They don’t need anything from me.”Sutherland adds that his dad is “very excited” to see what he’s been up to and is “very much involved” in any project he takes on.“He was quite worried with me going out to Jordan (for The Sutherlands have a long history at TIFF, which is into its 40th year.The newspaper's Page Six column reported that the It's Gawd actress recently joined Kiefer and his band on their European tour and they are now living together.Cindy shared a number of photos on social media while sightseeing on the tour which were taken by Kiefer, and as well as picnicking in Paris, with one of the pair's highlights was seeing Jeff Lynne's ELO in Glasgow, Scotland. The Texan beauty - who joined him on tour on May 2 - also supported Kiefer during his Glastonbury set late last month which she was sure to commemorate with a colourful snap.

When he watched his dad onscreen, he never felt like it was him.“That speaks to his talent,” says Sutherland, “that I lived with the man and I could still be transported into whatever life character he was creating.”When Sutherland first visited the U. with his dad, a two-time Golden Globe nominee, he was shocked by his star status.“I remember walking down the street with my dad when I was a kid and I was always taken aback by how imposing and how sometimes very rude people could be by just pointing a camera in my dad’s face without asking for permission,” he says.“I never had any of that in France.”Sutherland has been based in Toronto for five years now after moving from Los Angeles, where he struggled to find work for seven years.“It was long years of just waiting by the phone and just auditions here and there,” he says..“If I had to give advice to somebody starting out …

He thought about , the family drama starring Henry Fonda and his daughter Jane.

“That is the perfect film where it was done,” says the actor. An audience thought they got to have a glimpse into real life – although it was not their real life – and that was what I wanted to do.” , which features Alan Ladd’s young gunslinger coming to town in search of a quiet life but becoming embroiled in a battle between a homesteader and a ruthless cattle baron.

I was married to my first wife for 10 years, and we're still great friends. I'd say confidence, and I seem to be attracted to people who are into painting and music, or at least an appreciation of those things.

Probably because I was so young when I had her, I didn't talk down to her as a child. You've also been married twice--almost three times. I think the most difficult thing is to have an intimate relationship. He famously ran off with Julia Roberts on the day you were supposed to marry her.

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It was the first time he had to do press and walk a red carpet.